Council Members

President: Sydney Davis


Hey! I’m a third year nursing student currently doing the fast-tracking program. Outside of nursing school, I am a care aid at a retirement home,  a gymnastics coach, and work for a character company being “friends with” Anna and Rapunzel. I love musicals and theatre and go to as many shows as I can. I have three cats Eponine, Oliver, and Burr (catch the musical theatre reference if you can) and am a proud crazy cat lady with a full-blown catio in my back yard. I am really excited to be the SNSS president and have the opportunity to connect with students in their individual journeys. I love meeting new people and chatting so come say hi if you see me around! Also, go draw on my ukulele in the student room!

Vice President: Carter Shaw


My name is Carter Shaw, and I am the vice-president for the Saskatoon nursing students society. I am a student from the 2016 cohort currently in the accelerated exit option to graduate in August 2020. As the vice-president, I chair our external relations committee and am the council member who is on numerous SCBScN Program committees. If students have any academic concerns, you can reach out to Sydney or myself, and we will work with you to confidentially handle the matter.
I look forward to working with our student population over the 2019-2020 Academic term. If you need to contact me my email is or

Communications Director: Samantha Brown 


Hello! I am the communications director for the SNSS this year, and I couldn’t be more excited. I am a third-year student in the August exit option so my days usually consist of studying and napping. I work part-time as a medical office assistant as well; most of the income from this often goes towards my coffee habit. If you ever need to get ahold of the SNSS, email us at, I’ll be the one to answer you! You can contact us with general inquiries and news on SNSS events. You can even send questions about school, and we will be more than happy to either get you the correct answer or direct your question to the person who can. Have a great school year; you’ll rock it!

CNSA Official Delegate: Brad Hallam



Financial Director: Tristen Shinkewski


Hey, my name is Tristen Shinkewski, and I am currently a second-year nursing student. Outside of nursing school, I am a care-aid at a long-term home. I enjoy working out and playing music. I am the financial director of the SNSS and am looking forward to being apart of the council! I am always down to hear new ideas for social events. If you see me in the hallways, don’t be afraid to say hi (I don’t bite lol). Best of luck for the year to come!

Faculty Representative: Jen Dupuis


CNSA Associate Delegate: Open for election in September


Social Director: Chaydin Inveratiy


Switch Representative: Open for election in September 

HSSA Representative: Open for election in September   

SPSA Representative: Open for election in September        

Library Representative: Open for election in September 

Class Representatives: 

1st year: Open for election in September                                             

2nd year: Open for election in September

3rd year: Open for election in September

4th year: Open for election in September

Past President: Taylor Riley


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